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  • The Department of Computer Science and Applications was found in 1998. The department is mainly concerned with development and applications of software (Desktop applications and web applications), with brief knowledge of hardware. Students learn fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software, and become familiar with a variety of computer applications including word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, languages (.NET, Python programming, etc.) and multimedia presentations


  • The Department of Computer Science and Applications is a well-established and highly recognized department in terms of academics and student strength in its graduate and undergraduate programmes. The department regularly updates its curriculum in accordance with UGC guidelines as well as latest advancements in the relevant fields. Majority of the teachers are keenly and productively involved in research and pedagogical advancement. The department not only focuses on nurturing both curricular and extracurricular talent/ skills of students but also makes an endeavour to play a vital role in the applications of computers by promoting innovative work. The department has faculty expertise at Ph.D. level with research focus on natural language processing, data mining, pattern recognition, image processing, soft computing, machine learning and software engineering.


  • There are ample job opportunities in the field of Computer Science & Applications such as, Application analyst, Business analyst, Data analyst, Database administrator, Games developer etc. Students are taught specific skills from the area of application which are necessary for the creation and application of software systems by maintaining balance between theoretical and practical knowledge

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Smt.U.Subhashini ,


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Smt V.Sailaja,


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3 Sri KSN Prasad,MCA 14 VIEW  
4 Smt K.Sridevi,M.Sc 6 VIEW