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Botany Department

         The Department of Botany is known for its academic excellence, high calibre faculty,and greatly enriching co-curricular activities like seminars,group discussions,quiz and debate programmes. The Department boasts labs that are well equipped with latest instruments.
          the Department also maintains anenormous collection of herbariums pecimens. These collections facilitate in practical learning of the subject and in forming a connection with the specimens of nature they study.
          Digital classroom facilities are also available inlaboratories and classrooms to facilitate student learning with representation of concepts discussed in class room.
The Department also regularly organises fieldtrips, studytours, botanical excursions, and summer internships that help in bringing about holistic development of students. Some of our alumni are currently placed in higher positions in many governmentalinstitutions like samhitha degree college Ravulapelam, GDC Alamuru,, VSM PG college Ramachandrapuram.