Physics Department

  • The Department of Physics was established  with an affiliation of Andhra University, Vishakapatnam in 1998 with 02 sanctioned posts by offering MPCs Program.

  • Sri M B B S Murthy garu worked as the Incharge of the department in the year 1998.

  • MPC Programme started with an affiliation of AKNU, Rajahmundry in 2010.

  • Certificate Course “HOUSE ELECTRICAL WIRING” offered by this Department during the  year 2019.

  • MEIOT  Programme started with an affiliation of AKNU,Rajahmundry in 2020. Now the name of the department upgraded as Department of Physics & Electronics.

  • At present, 03 - B.Sc., programs (MPC,MPCs & MEIOT) Offered by the Department.

  • At Present Sri Bh.S.V.V.N.Satya Murthy garu working as  the Incharge of the Department of Physics& Electronics.